Three Reasons To Call A Locksmith That Might Surprise You

Posted on: 7 January 2016


You know to call a locksmith if your business needs commercial lock repair or copies of keys made quickly. However, there are some other lesser-known tasks that locksmiths can handle. Here are a few of them.

  1. A door is dragging. If you have a hollow metal or aluminum frame glass door that's dragging on the ground, it's probably out of alignment. This can happen from age, damage or wear and tear. The hinge locations that are built into the door can start to weaken and sag. Luckily, this problem can be remedied with a relatively simple solution that most locksmiths can perform: installation of a continuous hinge. Continuous hinges are sometimes called piano hinges, and they run the full length of the door. Since they cover such a large surface area, they provide a lot of support and frequently extend the useful life of a door by a few years. Continuous hinges come in standard dark bronze or aluminum finishes. The locksmith should install the hinge in the color that will match the door and its hardware.
  2. A door is slamming shut. A door that's slamming shut likely has a problematic door closer. That's the hinge-like arm you'll see at the top of the door that's attached to a small box. The door closer is spring loaded and contains hydraulic fluid that provides the tension and cushioning needed to help close a door with a controlled motion. Most companies that provide commercial locksmith services can repair and replace closers. Locksmiths often carry a few stock brands on their vehicles in case they need to replace a closer on the spot.
  3. An entry keypad isn't working right. Many commercial locksmiths work on keypads. Basic lock keypads are a type of hardware that most locksmiths can handle. If you have a more complicated electronic keypad or key-card access system, many locksmiths are trained to service those too. Note down the brand name of the item and any other identifying information you can see on the keypad. When you call your local locksmith, ask them if they have experience working on that type of system before you pay for them to come to site.

Locksmiths are often more than just experts in commercial lock repair; they can help to improve the operation of a door and its components from top to bottom. If you have doors at your premises that are exhibiting issues beyond typical lock and key problems, call a commercial locksmith to see if it's something they can handle. You might be surprised.