Avoiding Home Lockouts With Biometric Lock Systems

Posted on: 9 January 2016


If you're looking for a way to combat home lockouts, one of the best ways to do that is by installing a biometric lock system in your house. Biometric locks are unique among home lock systems, and they allow you to tightly control your home's security and who has access. Here's a look at a few of the reasons you should consider biometric locks such as retinal scans or fingerprint verification for your home.

Eliminates The Need for Keys

Installing a biometric system means that your body is your key to the house. Whether you use a retinal scan or a fingerprint reader, there are no more individual keys to worry about. This is great, because lost keys are not only a nuisance, but a security threat as well. Since hide-a-key features outside of homes make a popular target for would-be home intruders, this helps you to keep your home safer.

Another great benefit to eliminating keys is the prevention of bump key use. With no keyhole, burglars cannot gain access to your home with a bump key when you're not there. And, when you have no keys to lose, there's no risk of finding yourself suddenly locked out of your house.

When you have kids who come home from school or sports on their own, a biometric lock system is ideal. Kids are likely to lose keys between their school bags, lockers and simple absentmindedness, so getting rid of the need to remember a key helps ensure that your child can always get in when he or she gets home. If you use a palm scanner, just make sure you update your child's scan regularly, because his or her hands will likely grow quickly, altering the scan slightly in the process.

Provides Simple Override Protections

Biometric systems also have a variety of security override features. When you're dealing with any kind of computerized lock system, this is important. Look for a system that includes pass code entry or a master key feature that allows you to get in even if the system is malfunctioning. Your locksmith can show you all of your override options to help you prevent lockouts.

Although biometric locks aren't the best fit for everyone, they can be a convenience for many homeowners. Talk with your locksmith or Redmond Lock & Key today about these benefits and others to see if these locks are the best fit for your home.