4 Reasons Why You Should Rekey Your Home's Locks

Posted on: 12 January 2016


Your home's locks are needed for protection, but they are often an aspect of security that is forgotten about. You may need to have your locks rekeyed for any of the following 4 reasons.

Purchasing A New Home

Your realtor will tell you that the very first thing you need to do after purchasing a house is have all of the locks changed. This is because you can never be sure about the total amount of keys out there from the previous homeowners that you didn't get at the closing. For example, there may be a pet sitter that still has a key, or even a hidden key somewhere outside that you do not know about. Changing all of the locks will give you a fresh start on your home's security.

Keep in mind that the cost of having the locks rekeyed is going to be much cheaper than buying new locksets for each door. You will also be able to maintain the look of each lockset, which is important if your home's hardware has a vintage appearance to it.

Having The Convenience of A Single Key

If you are going through the process of rekeying all of your doors, consider having the locksmith make each lock work with the same key. It's not only incredibly convenient, but you will not have to fumble through a key ring that looks like it belongs to a janitor to get into your home.

You Lost Your Keys

If you have lost your house keys, it would be a huge security risk to not change the locks to your home. You don't know if they were stolen or you simply misplaced them, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Worse case scenario is that you find your keys eventually, but you had peace of mind until then.

You should also avoid putting any identifying information on your keys so that nobody knows which house the keys belong to. Unfortunately, this is not always possible if your keys were with a purse or a wallet with your ID.

The Cylinders Are Worn Down

There may come a point where the lock cylinders are not working properly due to wear and tear from every day use. It can cause problems such as the lock sticking when unlocking it, making the process long and frustrating, or a lock cylinder that is loose and easy to manipulate.

To learn more about rekeying locks, speak to a locksmith like those at Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.