What To Do Before You Need To Call A Locksmith

Posted on: 22 January 2016


A locksmith is a skilled technician that is able to help you if you have accidentally locked yourself out of your home, automobile, or other locked location. Locksmiths, such as Irvine Lock & Key are great because they are usually available to come to your aid on short notice and it only takes a minute or two for them to solve your dilemma. This service is priceless when you find yourself locked out. 

However, there are several things that you can do to avoid getting in the uncomfortable position of needing a locksmith. Everyone knows to make an extra copy of your important keys and put them in your car's glove compartment and put an extra car key in your house. Here are a few other preventative measures that you can take to help yourself before you need to call a locksmith:

  • Friend or Neighbor - Make an additional set of keys for your home and automobile and put them on a keyring. Give this extra set to a good friend or neighbor to hold for you in case you lock yourself out. It is always a good idea to ask your friend or neighbor if they would do this for you, and in exchange, you can offer to do the same for them. This is common knowledge, but it is still a good plan of action. 
  • Magnetic Key Holder - Buy a magnetic key holder to keep an extra car key. These magnetic key holders are small metal boxes with a sliding top and have a strong magnet underneath. Place this key holder on the inside of the front bumper near the center of your car. This extra car key can give you key access to your car doors where you keep an extra set of house and car keys in your car's glove compartment. 
  • Garden Rock Key Holder - Buy a key holder that is an actual garden rock with a compartment on the underside to keep a key. Put an extra house key in this holder and place it in your garden. Hide this rock among a group of other rocks or in a large planter box with green plants and rocks where it easily blends in.  
  • Lock Box - Buy a small dial combination lock box that is just big enough to hold your house and car keys. Mount this small lock box on the wall outside of your front or back door. These boxes are inexpensive and many of them allow you to set your own combination number. Also, these boxes look like digital alarm systems and can be a deterrent to a thief or robber when they see one mounted near your entrance door. 
  • Digital Door Locks - One of the best preventative measures you can take is to have the key lock entry to your house changed to a digital door lock. A digital door lock places a small keypad on your door handle that is part of the door lock mechanism. Many digital door locks are combined with a key door lock so you can use either a key or a digital combination to access your house.  
  • Key Basket - Place a key basket in your house where you always put your keys when you come home. You can keep your extra car key in this basket as well. You can also have an extra set of house and car keys on a lanyard that you keep in the basket to grab and wear when you leave your home. 

Always condition any key that you will be keeping outdoors with a coating of metal lubricant. This will keep moisture in the atmosphere from damaging the keys during any kind of weather. The above preventative measures can allow you to help yourself whenever you are locked out. When all else fails, you can always call a locksmith who will be glad to help you get back into your home or car.