How To Counter Efficient Burglar Tricks To Keep Your Home Locked And Safe

Posted on: 5 May 2016


Burglars are often trying new and unique ways to make breaking into your house more efficient and with less chance of them getting caught. Here are a few more modern approaches that you can counter ahead of time in order to frustrate their efforts involving good locks and forethought.

Metal Detectors

When burglars break into your home, they are always fighting the clock. The less amount of time they spend in there, the better. Every minute that goes by is another potential minute for getting caught from their point of view, after all. What this means is that many professionals will take special measures to find the most valuable items quickly. One way they accomplish this is through metal detectors.

Many valuable items are made of metal, after all. For example, your car keys often have metal that can be detected by a metal detector either from the key itself or from the ring they are on. If you take your spouse's car with them to go somewhere and leave your car behind, you may leave your car keys for that car behind. Burglars who can find your keys with a metal detector can make off with your car.

The counter to this potential issue is simply to get hidden safes from a locksmith (like Yearsley's Service LTD) and put them in places that are harder to find. You can put it underneath something made of metal anyway, like a metal grate for a fireplace. This would make even locating the safe in the first place difficult, and even if they do happen to find it, they wouldn't be able to do anything if it's embedded in the wall.

Mail Slots

One common trick thieves often use is to specifically look for houses that have mail slots in their front door. These slots are supposed to be so that mailmen can easily drop your mail in your house even when you aren't around. Not all houses have them, but many older ones do. The problem is that it's possible to use a coat hanger or other device to slip through the slot and then unlock the door.

Alternatively, some thieves will try to pull car keys hanging not too far away from the door right through the slot with a tool. The solution against this potential danger is to either get a mail slot cover or put in a double deadbolt. A thief will often decide it's just not worth it to try to hook two deadbolts in a row.