Is Someone in Your Company Leaking Information and Stealing? Find Out How to Stop This Fast

Posted on: 10 November 2016


If there have been documents shared around your commercial space that weren't supposed to be shared, and information and items have gone missing around the property, you might have started thinking that someone is trying to sabotage or interfere with your business. If so, it's time to take action.

You need to quickly find out what is going on with your staff, and you need to find out whether you can trust your management. Here are a few things you want to do to and people you want to get in touch with to get to the bottom of the problem right away.

Locksmith and Security Expert

The entire building needs a security upgrade if you feel people are getting in without permission or out with important materials. Consider updating by getting the following things.

  • Enhanced mechanical locking systems for doors
  • IP cameras inside and outside the facility
  • Detailed office door locks
  • Updated security system with wireless controls

These are just some features you need, and a commercial locksmith such as one from King Locksmith can speak with you about other features that could be necessary or required for the industry you have a business in as well as what type of specific risks your industry has to deal with.

Server-Protection Professional

The problem could be that someone has hacked into your servers and that someone is watching what you're doing online. If this is the case, you'll want to have a company do a server scan and add additional server protection.

The IT experts can monitor what all your staff is doing online, see what documents are being downloaded, printed, or mailed, and they can find out whether the problems were sourced from a computer on your property. You will want to take everything that is important off your computers and see what different staff members have access to what information on the servers, so you can protect everything as necessary.

Employee Evaluations

Go through each file and do an evaluation of each employee. Talk about their current behavior, what was found on their computer, and how they have contributed to the company since being employed. This can help you target someone who isn't performing as they should be.

There are a lot of concerns that you may have with security if you know that information is getting leaked from your company and think someone is doing it deliberately to harm you or cause problems. Talk with the security professionals to see what action you need to take.